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*ROVs can be hired with or without an operator

Hyball ROVs

Hyball ROVs are small, portable, highly manoeuvrable systems capable of deployment by hand or from a small crane or davit. As the name suggests, these ROVs are primarily intended for video inspection, survey or observation duties. Sonar can be added to extend search and location range of the vehicle beyond the visibility of cameras and various sensors and measuring devices can also be carried.

These vehicles can be equiped with either Tritech Sea prince, or Micron sonar as well as a 3 jaw Grab arm.




LBV 150 Small inspection ROVs

We have several inspection class LBV150's which are extensively used by Water Authorities. They are used for detailed video surveys, sediment sampling and equipment deployment. They are approved for "no shut down" surveys of Water Treatment Works and Reservoirs. They have succesfully been used by South West, Dorset, Severn and Trent water authorities.

They can come fully equiped with Micron Sonar and a 3 jaw Grabber, 250m umbilical, twin cameras and lights.

ROVController miniInspectionRov 250mReels

The following images are obtained from previous inspection work carried out by Pro Marine Services.
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